Tiara Line

Tiara 40# Top Soil


Our  Top Soil is a rich black top soil.  Most companies have a brown sandy  top soil full of stones.  This product is great for patching or starting  lawns, and provides organic matter and nutrients.  We screen this  material as well. 

Tiara 40# Michigan Peat


Our  Michigan Reed-Sedge Peat is a nutrient rich dark black soil, that we  screen and bag.  This product is a natural compost that couldn't be  better for patching lawns, or improving your native soil. 

Tiara 40# Cow Manure


Our  Cow Manure is fully composted, so it doesn't have a smell.  It is then  blended with our reed-sedge peat to form a very nutrient rich blend for  improving soil, and giving your plants a natural fertilizer! 

Tiara 40# Potting Soil


Our Potting Soil is a great soil conditioner, and works well when you are trying to re-pot plants into a larger container.