From humble beginnings back in 1946. Since then, my how we've grown.



Over 70 years ago, Winfield H. Aldrich his two stepsons, Robert and Kenneth Parmenter, started a modest mint growing operation whose products, primarily peppermint and spearmint, would be used to flavor things like toothpaste and candy. Not long after, they managed to extend their crop offering to foods like carrots, beans and potatoes. For the next twenty years, things continued to go well.

While digging deep drainage ditches for their fields, the three men discovered large quantities of Reed-Sedge Peat. It was to be a discovery that immediately took the company in a new direction. With the processing equipment they once used for their mint production, they grabbed hold of the opportunity. And never looked back.

Today, Al-Par remains a leading supplier of high-quality peat products. But we’re much more that. Now Al Par Peat provides a wide range of growing and landscaping products, as well as comprehensive services for almost any size greenhouse or nursery.

The name Al-Par Peat came from combining the last names of the three men who created our company back in 1946. 

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This company started with hard working farmers...

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And now we supply hard working families with their growing supplies for their greenhouses, nurseries, and garden centers!

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