Michigan Made Mix

Michigan Made Mix

This Hydroponic Mix has been taking the industry by storm.  The results are in, and they speak loudly that Michigan Made Mix is the Hydroponic Mix to grow in!

This Mix has everything your customer needs from start to finish with PaPa's Perfect Poop organic slow release fertilizer already mixed in.  This OMRI listed fertilizer has different components that break down at different times to give their plants the proper nutrients at the right times.  The fertilizer is designed to supply your plants through the entire growing cycle.  This will get you from start to finish.  Just add water!

If you have customers coming in for soil to grow natural vegetables or medicine, you should be offering them Michigan Made Mix!

How to Use M3

1) Pick the correct size container

Depending on the stage and size of your plant, you should use different size pots.  Pick the appropriate size pot and continue to the next step.

2) Fill your container with M3

Take your clean and empty container, and fill it with Michigan Made Mix.

3) Place your plant in the soil

Make room to insert your plant in the filled pot/container. 

4) pH your water to 6.5

Using water that has a pH of 6.5 has been found to give the best nutrient uptake for you plants.

5) Water your plant

Now that you have adjusted the pH of your water to 6.5, water your plant.  However, be careful NOT to OVER WATER your plants.  Michigan Made Mix is very absorbent.

6) Continue Steps 4 & 5 until you harvest

Continue using water that has been adjusted to the correct pH and watering WHEN NEEDED.  Again, be sure NOT to OVER WATER.  


Michigan Made Mix will feed your plants naturally and consistently with Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients in time released form that your plants need to flourish from start to finish!


Printable Tri-Fold

M3 Tri-Fold (pdf)