Michigan Made Mix

Michigan Made Mix

This Hydroponic Mix has been taking the industry by storm.  The results are in, and they speak loudly that Michigan Made Mix is the Hydroponic Mix to grow in!  Michigan Made Mix has been winning awards for years!  It has consistently grown bigger plants than conventional growing, and consistently passed testing for heavy metals.  An M3 Grower recently won the "Outdoor Flower" Category for "Organic Cup 2019".  Year after year the winners for the Clio Cultivators Cup are growers who use M3!

This Mix has everything your customer needs from start to finish with PaPa's Perfect Poop organic slow release fertilizer already mixed in.  This OMRI listed fertilizer has different components that break down at different times to give their plants the proper nutrients at the right times.  The fertilizer is designed to supply your plants through the entire growing cycle.  This will get you from start to finish.  Just add water!

If you have customers coming in for soil to grow natural vegetables or medicine, you should be offering them Michigan Made Mix!

How to Use M3

1) Pick the correct size container

Depending on the stage and size of your plant, you should use different size pots.  Pick the appropriate size pot and continue to the next step.

2) Fill your container with M3

Take your clean and empty container, and fill it with Michigan Made Mix.

3) Place your plant in the soil

Make room to insert your plant in the filled pot/container. 

4) pH your water to 6.5

Using water that has a pH of 6.5 has been found to give the best nutrient uptake for you plants.

5) Water your plant

Now that you have adjusted the pH of your water to 6.5, water your plant.  However, be careful NOT to OVER WATER your plants.  Michigan Made Mix is very absorbent.

6) Continue Steps 4 & 5 until you harvest

Continue using water that has been adjusted to the correct pH and watering WHEN NEEDED.  Again, be sure NOT to OVER WATER.  


Michigan Made Mix will feed your plants naturally and consistently with Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients in time released form that your plants need to flourish from start to finish!


Printable Tri-Fold

M3 Tri-Fold (pdf)



Does Michigan Made Mix really feed my plants all the way to the end?

YES!  M3 really does have different components that break down at different times and provide the correct nutrients at the time the plant requires them.  There are some other mixes out there that claim that they feed the plant through the whole growing cycle, but fall off after the vegetative cycle.  We understand that this may make you question if M3 really does feed the plant all the way through the different stages, but we assure you that it does!  

A quick way to explain the magic of M3 is that we have added different components to this patented mix that do the following:

  • There are components that break down very quickly, and are very gentle so they do not burn new roots during early rooting.
  • Then there are components that break down quickly, and give the proper nutrients that the plant looks for during the vegetative stage.
  • Lastly there are different components that break down slower, and give the different nutrients that the plant needs during the flowering stage.

This all happens with natural ingredients that have been proven time and time again to produce bigger healthier plants and bigger buds, all while allowing you to do less!  All you have to do is WATER!  

If I want to add more Papa's to M3, when and how do I do that?

Once again, there is already plenty of Papa's and other nutrients in Michigan Made Mix, however, if you want to add more Papa's and really get the most out of your plants you have 2 options:

  • Add 1 TBSP of Papa's Perfect Poop per 1 gal of soil approximately 1-2 weeks before switching your lights to the flowering stage.  Sprinkle the Papa's Perfect Poop near the base of the plant, gently mix this into the growing medium, and water it in to activate the Papa's Perfect Poop.  Watering allows it to start breaking down.  You can apply Papa's Perfect Poop again every couple of weeks.  Continue to do this until 2-4 weeks into the flowering stage.  After that there is really no need to add any more, as the Papa's won't have enough time to fully break down, and become viable to the plant.  Don't waste a good thing!
  • The other option you have is to make Papa's Perfect Poop into a "Super Tea" and water it in at the same time intervals as listed above.  Read below in the next question for the answer on how to make Papa's Perfect Poop into a "Super Tea".

How do I make a "Tea" with Papa's Perfect Poop?

Papa's Perfect Poop can be made into a "Super Tea" by either suspending a cheesecloth or coffee filter with 1 to 4 tablespoons per gallon (depending on the the strength desired) into a container of warm water, let it stand over night and stir it occasionally.  Aeration is good for the extraction, and good for your plants.  Then filter the "tea" and spray it as a foliar feeder normally once per week starting 1-2 weeks prior to the flowering stage, and continue feeding once per week up to 2-4 weeks into the flowering stage.  

There is no need to feed this Papa's Super Tea to the plant after a month into the flowering stage, because it won't have enough time to fully break down, and become viable to the plant.  Don't waste a good thing!

What size pot should I be using for indoor growing?

The optimal size that we would recommend would be to finish your plant in a 10 gal or 15 gal pot.  However, if you want to use a smaller pot, we suggest that it is AT LEAST a 7 gal pot.   If you go any smaller than a 7 gal pot there just isn't enough soil volume to have enough nutrients to sustain a full sized plant.  

We do have people that use larger pots than a 15 gal pots, and they do see even more yield, but 15 gals is where the advantages of going larger start to tapers off.