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We always try and offer the industry's best products to our customers, and Dosatron meets that to a "T"!  They have been a preferred injector by the horticulture and hydroponic industry for years!  They have great customer service, and great technical help if you have questions.  They have injectors with specialized housings if you use one to inject acid into your water lines for adjusting your pH.  They now even have meters that test the pH of your water and many other things right in line, so you can take the guesswork out, and know what your water is like without having to take time to test it yourself.  Having your water right is a big start to having great plants.  Dosatron makes that easy!

Dosatron also has many options for carts to do spot treatments with chemicals, as well as plenty of other useful tools to make your job easier!

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Check out some of the different products that they have to offer.  You can save time and labor by adding some of their products into your greenhouse or nursery.

Let us know how we can help you save time and money with Dosatron!



The DosaCart comes with a 15 Gal Tank, and is compatible with 11 GPM, 14 GPM, 20 GPM, & 40 GPM injectors.


Li'L Bud-D Cart

This cart is compatible with a 5 Gal Bucket.  It can be easily swapped out with different pre-mixed buckets that you might have, to apply different chemicals or fertilizers throughout the greenhouse.  This is compatible with 11 GPM & 14 GPM injectors.


We can create custom systems for your irrigation and fertilizer and chemical dosing systems!


Monitor your system easily

Custom systems are available to monitor your water and easily display what is going on! 


Complete systems

We can give you a system that automatically adjusts your pH of your water, and doses fertilizer on a schedule that you set up!