Hydroponic Supplies


Michigan Made Mix

Michigan Made Mix , known to some as M3, is a mix that was designed for the hydroponic market, and has a high % of both Perlite and Vermiculite, Canadian Sphagnum, Michigan Reed-Sedge Peat, as well as PaPa's Perfect Poop, which is an OMRI Listed time release fertilizer that breaks down at different stages of growth for the proper nutrient release at the proper times!  This mix has the proper nutrients to get you through the entire growing cycle from start to finish!

Just add water!


Sit back and enjoy your plants!

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Papa's Perfect Poop

This is an OMRI registered organic time release fertilizer.  This fertilizer has been proving itself as an amazing powerhouse of a fertilizer with all natural ingredients to give you piece of mind!

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Other Growing Supplies

We carry everything from plug trays, to small pots to get your plants started, to large 65 gallon pots for large plants and trees.  We even carry irrigation supplies to make your growing operation effortless.  

Just ask us what we can do for you!